Cycad Estate


Rules & Regulations

The      main   objective   for   Cycad   Estate   has been   the   provision   of   a   high   quality   lifestyle for    residents,    and    the    intention    of    these rules is the protection of the lifestyle The strict rules and  regulations  contributed enormously to Cycad   Estate’s success by setting and maintaining high standards.  In the   long run it  has been instrumental in securing their investments made by property owners. 

About Cycad Estate

 Visitors Access Control Before entering Cycad Estate, all visitors agree to the access control procedures: 1. Permission from resident is required for entry 2. Valid Driver’s Licence and Vehicle registration disc are required for the registration process 3. Residents remain responsible for their visitors at all times Contractors 1. Working Hours Mon-Fri 07:00-17:45      2. Sat-08-00-13:00      3. Sun & Public Holidays - Not Permitted 4. All contractors to be in possession of either valid Workers permit or ID Document 4. ID Document or Valid Workers permit is required before access will be allowed to the contractors workers and / or Sub contractors. They must enter the Estate in an approvd vehicle and lodge a valid ID Docment